Booking deposits

To confirm a conference booking, full payment of room hire fee is required.

Payment details

Menu selections and payment of your food portion of the account is required 10 days prior to the function date.

All functions are required to cater for the total number of people (including children) attending the event. Should a Bar Tab be provided for your guests, this amount is also to be paid in full prior to the function or a credit card provided to bar staff at the commencement of the function.


Under any circumstance, notice of function cancellation must be made as soon as possible by consulting directly with management. A fee may be applicable upon cancellation, as per the following:

  • Function cancellation within 10 days of event start - Room hire fee
  • Function cancellation within 7 days of event start - Room hire fee & 50% of catering component.


Any additional equipment / decorations or props required, other than those supplied by the venue, must be confirmed with management a minimum of one week prior to the date of the function. Please note that the venue reserves the right to disallow any material deemed offensive, dangerous or damaging to the venue.

We politely ask that no glitter, table scatters or confetti are used at any function in the hotel.

The venue does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of equipment / decorations left at the venue prior to or after the function. It is the responsibility of the host to ensure all client goods are removed from the venue at the completion of the function and the room is returned to its original state.

Damage / Guest Misconduct

It is the responsibility of the organising host to ensure that all invited guests behave in an acceptable manner. Please be advised that organising hosts are financially responsible for any damage, theft, breakage or vandalism sustained to the function room or venue premises by guests, invitees or other persons attending the function.

Should any extra cleaning be required to return the premise to a satisfactory standard, this will be charged to the client.

Hotel management reserve the right to end functions early due to intoxication & quarrelsome guests.


While the utmost care is taken to ensure that your dietary requirements are met, our kitchen equipment processes a variety of food. Therefore trace elements of food may still be present in menu items.